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Some of the many benefits of ColorMAX® Boundary Fencing ...

ColorMAX Boundary Fencing
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  • ColorMAX-Boundary-Fencing-21-Designer-Colours26 Designer Colours
  • ColorMAX-Boundary-Fencing-Strength-DurabilityStrength & Durability
  • ColorMAX-Boundary-Fencing-Easy-MaintenenceEasy Maintenence
  • ColorMAX-Boundary-Fencing-Termite-ProofTermite Proof
  • ColorMAX-Boundary-Fencing-Fire-ResistantFire Resistant
  • ColorMAX-Boundary-Fencing-10-Year-Warranty10 Year Warranty*
  • ColorMAX-Boundary-Fencing-Australian-MadeAustralian Made
  • ColorMAX-Boundary-Fencing-100-Percent-Recyclable100% Recyclable

Who is ColorMAX®?

ColorMAX® was launched in 2000 by one of Australia’s largest fencing manufacturers, Dunn & Farrugia Fencing and Gates.
ColorMAX® is manufactured from BlueScope COLORBOND® steel.
ColorMAX® is.... "Colorbond® to the MAX!"
ColorMAX® is roll formed at the Company’s Sydney Head Office which occupies over 7 hectares in the heart of Penrith. With over 48 years’ experience in the Fencing Industry Dunn & Farrugia have grown from a small backyard business with only 2 staff to now employing over 90 local staff at the Penrith Head Office. In addition to the Penrith Head Office Dunn & Farrugia own and operate Fencing Superstores in 11 regional centers from as far South as Queanbeyan to Cardiff in the North and out to Dubbo in the west.
ColorMAX® is the preferred Colorbond® Boundary Fencing Solution for many Fencing installers across Australia – insist on ColorMAX® Boundary Fencing!

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Why insist on BlueScope COLORBOND® steel?

It's made to last

COLORBOND® steel won't rot or be eaten away by termites.

It also won't burn. In fact, testing by the CSIRO and the Bushfire Co-operative Council shows a steel fence can help protect your property during a bushfire. Download Research & Investigation into the Performance of Residential Boundary Fencing in Bushfires

The prepainted finish of COLORBOND® steel is also designed to stand the test of time. The proof is in more than 30 years of testing by BlueScope Steel in all sorts of weather.


Piece of mind with a BlueScope 10 Year Warranty!

BlueScope now has a total of 7 outdoor exposure sites around Australia which ensures all their products have real data on corrosion and paint durability performance in all Australian climate zones.

BlueScope has the most extensive data base on painted BlueScope products and this is a key point of difference with non BlueScope painted steel products which may not have any outdoor exposure data at all for Australian conditions. This means that all BlueScope Warranties are based on the real field data and can withstand the harsh UV levels which are typical in the Australian market.

Outdoor exposure testing at BlueScope’s five test sites, in accordance with AS/NZS1580.457.1, along with accelerated laboratory testing provides you with the confidence that COLORBOND® steel is made to last.


If you're looking for Colorbond® Boundary Fencing, you can't go past ColorMAX®!

Whether your primary concern is security, simply making an aesthetic addition to your property or you want to erect the very best boundary fencing to divide you and your neighbours property – insist on ColorMAX® Boundary Fencing manufactured from COLORBOND®.

Available in two profiles ColorMAX® Original and ColorMAX® REFLECT™ and 26 exciting colours with the option of pressed 3D lattice, LouvrLAT®, plastic post caps and decorative metal ball caps backed by the strength of a 10 Year BlueScope Steel Warranty.

ColorMAX® Boundary Fencing meets Australian Standards AS1397 and AS2728.

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Available in 2 profiles